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New York State Work-Life Services
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New York State Employee Assistance Program
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Can I start collecting Social Security before I reach my full retirement age?

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Work-Life Services Home Page

Work-Life Services (WLS) are five negotiated benefits programs for Executive Branch employees resulting from a collaboration between NYS and the public employee unions. These programs are designed to increase employee productivity and morale by improving the quality of work and life for employees and include: Employee Assistance Program, Worksite Child Care Centers, Flex Spending Account, NYS-Ride, and Pre-Retirement Planning.

Work-Life Services Flyer
To view or print the Work-Life Services Flyer click here.
Work-Life Services Brochure
To view or print the Work-Life Services Brochure click here.

EAP: Job Safety

Job safety is crucial to workplace productivity and employee well-being. Occupational safety involves psychological, as well as physical safety. Here are some ways to remain healthy and safe at work: 1) Have more awareness around your work environment; 2) Keep proper posture when sitting and lifting; 3) Take regular mental and physical breaks; 4) Try to reduce stress; 5) Keep exits accessible; 6) Report any unsafe work conditions; 7) Use all tools and machinery appropriately. For more information go to Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. To learn more about health and job safety, you can always contact your NYS agency EAP coordinator Coordinator List or call 800-822-0244. 

Empire State’s Great Outdoors

New York’s 118 State campgrounds offer the perfect spot for a family getaway or reconnecting with friends. Located among some of the most breathtaking settings in North America, NYS campgrounds are the destination of choice for campers seeking variety, value, and a place to create special memories that will last a lifetime. Choose from a full range of tent or trailer sites, cabins and cottages to suit every taste. Many properties include trails, swimming, paddling, nature programs, and other activities. The Camping Guide lists campgrounds by region, along with costs and reservation procedures. https://parks.ny.gov/camping/documents/NYCampingGuide.pdf

Welcome to the Family Packet

Work-Life Services introduces the "Welcome to the Family Packet". Parenting is an exciting and challenging experience. Today's parents often face unique circumstances balancing their work and family responsibilities. As a New York State Executive Branch employee parent, you are entitled to several negotiated benefits designed to assist you with balancing work and life. The "Welcome to the Family Packet" will outline these benefits programs as well as provide educational child care and parenting brochures. We invite you to request a "Welcome to the Family Packet" if you are expecting or recently added to your family through the birth or adoption of a child. Email your request along with your name and home address to: worklife@goer.ny.gov.

"Parenthood, it's not a job. It's an adventure" – author unknown

Fun at Worksite Center Summer Camps

Are you looking for a summer camp for your school-aged child? Did you know that many of the NYS Worksite Child Care Centers offer summer camp typically for children ages 5 to 12? All the worksite summer camps are based out of the child care centers, so they are conveniently located at various state sites. The summer camps offer weekly themes to ensure your child will be entertained while gaining knowledge on a variety of topics in a caring environment.  For a list of worksite child care centers click on the following link: https://www.worklife.ny.gov/childcare/worksite-child-care-center-flyer.pdf

Enroll in the DCAAccount

Great news for state employees! If in order for you and your spouse (if you are married) to be able to work, you plan to send your child under the age of 13, to summer day camp, a Change in Care Provider (including summer day camp) is an eligible Change in Status event that allows you to enroll in the Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAAccount) for the remainder of 2018. Also, the Employer Contribution is available to eligible employees who enroll in the DCAAccount to help pay for summer day camp expenses. Please visit www.flexspend.ny.gov or call (800) 358-7202 for more information, Employer Contribution rates, or to enroll.

Online Benefit Calculators

The New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP), Social Security, Deferred Compensation, and the New York State Pension System each have a benefit calculator available online. See the instructions below for each program.

To estimate the value of your sick leave credit, go to: www.cs.ny.gov. From the homepage, under Benefit Programs, click on NYSHIP Online, click on Active Employee, answer the two individual questions, choose Planning to Retire, and then Sick Leave Credit Calculator.

Social Security
Social Security has an online calculator at Retirement Estimator that will provide immediate and personalized benefit estimates to help you plan for your retirement. The Retirement Estimator is tied to your actual Social Security earnings record and eliminates the need to manually enter earnings information.

Deferred Compensation
To use to the online planning tool, go to Retirement Planner and click Get Started for suggestions on improving your retirement outlook.

NYS Pension
You can use the Benefit Projection Calculator on the Office of the State Comptroller’s website to project your approximate pension based on the retirement date you choose. The calculator also projects benefit amounts under the various payment options available to you at retirement. Visit Projecting Your Pension to use the calculator.

WellNYS Everyday

WellNYS Everyday is a Work-Life Services/Employee Assistance Program wellness initiative dedicated to educating, engaging, and empowering New York State employees and their families by encouraging participation in healthy behaviors. Every morning, a new WellNYS Tip of the Day, which can be emailed to employees and family members, is posted to the website. The tip provides creative suggestions, interesting facts, or inspiring quotes on the current Monthly Challenge. Click on the following website to learn more about the program. www.worklife.ny.gov/wellNYSeveryday

Retirement Planning Videos

Monitor displaying YouTube video

A series of short videos — the Planning Your Successful Retirement Video Guide — highlighting key information from the popular DIRECTIONS: Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars is available. Designed for executive branch employees, the 23 videos were created in partnership with the Office of the State Comptroller, the Department of Civil Service, the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan, and the Social Security Administration. Employees can view the videos along with other pre-retirement planning information on this Work-Life Services website and also on YouTube at www.youtube.com/user/GOERWebServices.


Do you take public transportation to and from work? NYS-Ride is a pre-tax benefit that will save you time and money on your commute. Enroll today and save up to 40% on your eligible expenses. Visit www.nysride.com to learn more.

Work-Life Services Brochure and Flyer

Help us spread the word about the five Work-Life Services (WLS) programs: Employee Assistance Program, Worksite Child Care Centers, Flex Spending Account, NYS-Ride, and Pre-Retirement Planning. You can print your own copy of the Work-Life Services brochure and flyer at the top of the WLS home page. If you would like multiple copies of the brochure, please email us at: worklife@goer.ny.gov and indicate the number of brochures needed and a mailing address.

Retirement Planning Resources Workshops

The Retirement Planning Resources Workshop is a free, one-hour training, available to state agencies for their employees, regardless of years of state service. The training will not cover specific retirement information, and is not a substitute for the full-day DIRECTIONS seminars. Instead, the goal of this training program is to educate executive branch employees about the resources available so they can begin planning their retirement.

If you would like to schedule this training for a minimum of 20 employees, you may contact the DIRECTIONS Seminar Program Manager at Beth.Brumaghim@goer.ny.gov or 518.473.4018.

Program Links

The New York State Employee Assistance Program is a confidential assessment and referral service for NYS employees and their family members who need assistance with personal concerns that may be affecting their work performance or overall well-being.

The Flex Spending Account is a valuable employee benefit that puts money in your pocket by helping you save on health care costs as well as the dependent care expenses you incur in order to work.

The State helps make life easier for working parents by sponsoring child care centers at numerous worksites. The Work-Life Services Web Site hosts a listing of these Child Care Centers, which give enrollment priority to State employees' children.

If you plan on retiring within the next five years, a Directions: Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar will provide you with the tools necessary to plan for this big change.

NYS-Ride is a pre-tax program for NYS employees to help save on public transportation costs and promote a greener New York.

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