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The NYS Employee Assistance Program is a peer assistance program jointly sponsored by labor and management. NYS EAP provides confidential information, assessment, and referral services to NYS employees, their family members, and retirees. It also provides orientations and training for all employees, managers, supervisors, and union representatives on benefits and use of EAP.

EAP Services

Each State agency has a labor/management committee, which promotes the local agency/facility EAP and selects a Coordinator, who is trained by NYS EAP to identify, assess, and refer employees in need. Employees or family members experiencing problems are referred to qualified community providers. The program addresses whatever problems are affecting an employee's productivity. Individual problems can range from a need for information about child care to serious difficulties with alcohol or drugs.

EAP is most successful if employees seek assistance during the early stages of their problems. With early intervention and treatment, they can maintain productive employment and personal relationships can be salvaged. The program can provide an economic return to the employer, enhance morale, and foster good employee relations. Other employees will also benefit by being part of a safer, more productive workforce. Ultimately, EAP is a productivity program as well as an employee benefit.

How to Use EAP

  • In order to use your EAP, you must first identify and contact your agency/facility's EAP Coordinator using the Coordinator List.
  • Your Coordinator will assist you in determining the nature of your problem and linking you with an appropriate referral.
  • You may opt to use a Coordinator from an agency other than your own.
  • Additional help can be accessed at 1-800-822-0244 if needed.

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